Thursday, June 21, 2007

Moroz must come out from the cold

Its time to begin the campaign and fight the good fight

Olexandr Moroz is Ukraine's truest defender of democracy. His fight and opposition to the Ukraine's president's unjust attack on democracy in Ukraine is correct in so far as he criticisms the actions of the president and seeks to hold the rule of law and Ukraine's Constitution.

The time has come for Moroz, whilst maintaining his principle opposition to the president's actions, to fulfill the terms of the agreements reached in May 2007.

The longer Moroz continues to pursue the idea of reinstating democratic parliamentary rule via the back door the more he allows himself to be portrayed in a negative light.

Moroz has bigger fish to fry and he should get on with the positive aspects of his concerns and defend the virtues of a parliamentary democracy rule of law as opposed to a return to the dark days of governance by presidential directorial decree.

The suggestion or notion that vacancies arising from the resignation of opposition members should be filled by dissident remnants of the previously registered party list is counter productive.

President Yushchenko and members of the opposition, having manufactured the recent political crisis following division within his own party, are now seeking to incorrectly place blame and responsibility for the crisis on to the parliamentary system. This is clearly a misrepresentation, boarding on an outright lie, presented by the presidential camp who continue to shift focus away from the divisions within the opposition forces.

There are many more examples of successful parliamentary democracies in the world then there are Presidential systems. All of the former Eastern European Countries that are now members of the EU are all successful Parliamentary democracies.

Ukraine has only been a true democracy for one year before the president's lust for power saw the president act unconstitutionally to usurp power and authority where he had none.

Moroz must seek to highlight the positives and gains of the parliamentary system and denounce the negatives of the proposals put forward by the presidential camp. He must dispel the notion and falsehood that the president is acting democratically, he most certainly is not. He mus highlight the dictatorial nature and the attack on Ukraine's democratic development and expose Viktor Yushchenko's actions for what they are a lust for presidential power