Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ukrainian Poll

Do you approve of President Yushchenko's Decision to Dissolve Parliament?

A recent opinion Poll conducted by the Institute of Social and Political Psychology in Kyiv indcates 46.3% of Ukrainians disapprove of the decison by Ukraine's President to Dissolve Parliament 40.8% approve.


41% of Ukrainians approve of President’s decision to dissolve Verkhovna Rada

According to an UNIAN correspondent, these are the results of a poll, carried out by the Institute of Social and Political Psychology, presented in Kyiv today.

Some 46.3% of Ukrainians do not approve of this decision of the Ukrainian President, Some 40.8% of citizens of Ukrainians approve of the President’s decision to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada of the 5th convocation ahead of schedule.
some 6.2% of those polled are indifferent to this issue, and some 6.7% could not answer the question.

The poll was carried out on May 21-25. 2 thousand respondents were interviewed in 256 settlements of Ukraine. The error margin does not exceed 2.2%.