Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ruzumov Centre Poll - Similar Results

The Ruzumov Center has just released its latest poll which shows similar results to all other polls. Had an election been held last weekend based on the polling survey Party of Regions in coalition with the communist party would have secured an absolute majority of parliamentary seats. Speculation is running think on the ground that Our Ukraine will when faced with reality of the return of the Yanukovych Government will breakaway from Yulia Tymoshemko and try and from an alliance with party of regions to freeze out any influence from the communist party.

What is interesting in this poll is that it shows a growth in support for both the dissident break-away Socialist Party Peoples-self defence and the Communist Party of Ukraine. (Up 1.5% points).

Poll Results

Party of Regions (PoR)37.00%-46.60%210
Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT)21.50%-27.10%122
Our Ukraine (OU)10.30%-13.00%58
People's Self-Defence (PSD)5.50%-6.90%31
Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU)5.10%-6.50%29

Progressive Poll Results Graph