Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inna Bohoslovska suggests not to choose "best of the worst"

People's deputy of Ukraine Inna Bohoslovska intends this week to present its candidature for the post of President of Ukraine. All necessary documents will be submitted to the CEC by 23 October ", - said I. Bohoslovska in comments, uploaded UNIAN.

MP said that "the first time 90 days before the presidential election by more than half of the Ukraine did not want to vote for those who were in power. This means that the presidential elections in 2010 will be a choice between old and new. That's why I go to the president to protect people from the government that prokralasya and country - from the outside takeover. I like you, do not believe that someone from the old government can solve these problems".

According to Inna Bohoslovska, "in the crisis became clear that those in power the last 5-10 years, not able to change the situation for the better. Ukraine needs new faces. Instead, we propose to make a choice of "best of the worst".

Inna Bohoslovska is confident that Ukraine will develop only if the person elected President is able to protect people from stealing power and the country - from external control. "Ukraine has exhausted all post-Soviet life. And if 5 years or, God forbid, 10 years, the country will manage one of the founders of the current system of lawlessness, corruption and power trading, we forever stand needy third world countries "- said the MP.

Inna. Bohoslovska notes that it is ready to fight equally with the other presidential candidates to prove their professionalism and compliance with all the necessary qualities for a head of state. "Since 2002 I have consistently fighting for the arrival of new political and implement new ideas. Me and my team had proposed "development plan" - a strategy for Ukraine for the next 20 years. For me are not clans, I never rozporyadzhalasya budget funds, but in my experience of public figures, politicians, lawyers and crisis management. And finally, most importantly - I have a will, character and a great desire to bring order in our country "- she says.

As UNIAN reported May 25 this year Inna Bohoslovska announced her withdrawal from the Party of Regions to stand for election at the presidential election in 2010. "Society and the state must return the faith in ourselves, in our own strength, the ability of Ukraine to choose its path and its destiny. I'm sure: the problem can be solved only really new president of Ukraine. She comes to win a national flag of Ukraine, not the "color" the party flag "- emphasized in the treatment of deputy from May 25.