Sunday, October 04, 2009

Yushchenko: Bags are packed ready to go. Leaving for America


It turns out that Viktor Yushchenko has already figured in the summer of their future. That's when the American vice-president Joe Biden brought the news that Obama, unlike the previous administration, it has not seen the president of Ukraine. After that Yushchenko would not only put paid to the revival of "Our Ukraine" to create a campaign headquarters. He began to pack suitcases in the literal sense of the word.
In late summer with the Zhitomir airport to send a few planes in Canada. According source closer to the Presidential Secretariat, there were two or three "side", led by first lady uvezshih extensive collection of antiques collected by Viktor Andreyevich for many years.
Sources in the PR and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, Yushchenko enthusiastically watching all the time in his presidency, believe that the Canadian property through diplomatic channels exiting the U.S., home of Chicago-born Kateryna Yushchenko, Over recent years the areas of real estate in your own hometown. Note that according to financial disclosure president, members of his family in recent years spent on maintenance of assets abroad more stable than the Ukrainian real estate.
Prudence wife of the president means that Yushchenko could not agree on security guarantees with any of the main contenders for victory, as in his time managed to Kuchma and Yeltsin. Indirect confirmation of this can be found in the words of the president yet. September 24 before flying from the U.S.: "I will come back in six months." Something similar, he said, when his BP fired him from the Cabinet in 2002. But then, Yushchenko promised that he would return by the President. Now, about his status, he kept silent ...