Friday, October 02, 2009

Yushchenko Hi-flyer - Jetseting Beyond Budget

Living the high life on the public expense account

Yushchenko spent 21 million for foreign trips


Ukraine's president Viktor Yushchenko has spent up big on international travel amidst concerns that there is little to no gain from the expenditure leaving Ukraine to pick up the tab. 


Yushchenko always takes big suite in his foreign trips, spends millions, but often brings nothing useful back – no important agreements or serious contracts. The president has made 76 trips for the years of his presidency. In his first year Yushchenko spent 15.7 million and this year 20.9 million UAH. Leonid Kuchma, for example, spent only 5.9 million for trips in 2004.

Commenting on the president’s trip to Turkmenistan on September 15-16, vice speaker Mykola Tomenko, BYuT faction, said that Yushchenko used two planes and took with him a lot of officials, attendants and musicians.

Expenses for president’s upkeep rose by 31%, 1.6 milliard UAH from the budget.