Friday, April 06, 2007

Coalition forces gather mass in support of Ukraine's democratic Parliamentary governance

Day Four: Again all the action is centered in Ukraine's Capital, Kyiv with supporters for the governing coalition having set up camp in Kyiv, many taking advantage of the cheap central location accommodation.

The Government made concessions and returned to the original party membership of the coalition. This was the main excuse provided by the President to justify his decree disbanding Parliament.

The Presidential decree is subject to an appeal to Ukraine's Constitutional Court who is expected to rule on whether the Presidents decree is legal. under Ukraine's constitution there are three grounds only that empower the President to dismiss the Parliament. None of them apply under the current circumstances.

The President, Viktor Yushchenko, has vowed to continue with his decree and has demanded the Government to fund elections and has given them until March 11 to do so or face prosecution.

Most political commentators are of the opinion that the President will be the overall loser. If the Constitutional Court rules against the President he will have to resign. The President faced with no other alternative is pushing on with his decree. Analysis of the likely outcomes of fresh parliamentary election indicated that the Presidents own party will suffer a voter backlash reducing their support form 14% to just over 7%. The overall results of the election are expected to be more or less the same with the Prime-minister's Party of Regions receiving the highest number of votes. Which all begs the question why hold fresh elections? Could this be the dying gasp of a President who just has not cut it?

Its Easter weekend and no much is expected to happen until next week. All eyes are on the Constitutional Court.

6000 people more arrive in Kyiv today to protest against pre-term dissolution of Parliament
05-04-2007 17:41 6000 people more arrive in Kyiv today to protest against preterm dissolution of Parliament
The majority of them were reported to arrive in Kyiv by the railway. The people arrived by 5 trains from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Debaltsevo and Simferopol. The rest part of pickets were brought to Kyiv by 66 buses, mainly from the east and south regions of Ukraine.

At the moment in Kyiv downtown there are over 500 tents of the parliamentary majority's supporters. Most of the tents are placed near the Cabinet of Ministers and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine