Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ukraine: Election postponed to June 24 following Court ruling

Ukraine to go to the polls on June 14... or maybe not

Viktor Yushchenko has
postponed the holding of elections until June 24, following the ruling from the Constitutional Court preventing elections being held on May 27. Questions surrounding the legality of the president's decree dismissing Ukraine's democratically elected parliament remain in abeyance as Ukraine's Constitutional Court moves into closed session to consider it's ruling.

The status of the original decree is unclear with some commentators suggesting that the President has withdrawn his original decree and has substituted it with a new decree. Others say that the President's latest decree is just clarification and amendment to the original decree.

The governing coalition states that the presidents actions are once again unconstitutional and vowed to continue to fight the ruling in the Constitutional Court.

Both sides to the current political crisis have agreed to abide by the Courts ruling (All except Yulia Tymoshenko). Meanwhile the world waits with no clear indication if the postponed June 24 date will or will not be.