Friday, April 20, 2007

PACE calls on Ukraine to respect the outcome and decision of Ukraine's Constitutional Court

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)yesterday considered further the current Ukrainian Crisis.

PACE resolution adopted by 107 votes to 5, called on Ukraine’s leaders and parliament to resolve the crisis in a legitimate, strictly constitutional and peaceful manner, “whether that be by calling legitimate early elections, emanating from the ruling of the Constitutional Court, or by way of a negotiated compromise.”

PACE did not specify if it's resolution related only to Parliamentary elections or also included fresh Presidential elections which have been called for by the governing coalition. If the Constitutional Court rules against the President's decree there will be growing pressure for the President to resign and face early elections in order to renew his mandate.

The qualifying statement related to the ruling of the Constitution Court sent a clear signal to Viktor Yushchenko and Ukraine's Office of the President that Ukraine must respect the outcome and decision of Ukraine's Constitutional Court, implying that the Court must be able to adjudicate on the legality of the Presidents decree before it's implementation.

According to PACE's official website, the urgent ruling by the country’s constitutional court in the ongoing political crisis, if delivered, should be accepted as binding by all sides.

The Assembly also said pressure on the judges of the constitutional court was “intolerable” and should be investigated and criminally prosecuted.