Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ukraine's Constitutional Court to rule on President's decree

Day two: Following the declaration of Ukraine's President to dismiss Ukraine's democratically elected Parliament.

Again No signs of civil unrest or public protest outside of Kyiv.

Our Ukraine did not setup information booths in the center today following yesterdays poor showing.

The Government has appealed to the Constitutional Court, which is expected to determine the legality of the President's decree by Monday. (Bloombergs reports that the Constitutional Court will make an announcement in 15 days).

The Constitutional Court is under pressure from all sides to resolve this situation.

The sooner the Court is in a position to determine its opposition the better. The longer the Court delays the public confidence in the Constitutional Court diminishes.

The President has acted to strengthen his position by dismissing members of the governing coalition from the National Security Council which overseas the deployment of Ukraine's Military which is said to be behind the President.

The media are claiming that the governing coalition maintains control of the police and internal affairs.

Russia's Ambassador to Ukraine made statements that Russia is ready and willing to assist Ukraine if Ukraine requests assistance. He stressed that no request had been made to date and that the issue is one of local domestic politics that should be resolved by finding a political solution.

The EU executive has adopted a wait and see approach again stressing that a constitutional solution should be found to Ukraine's domestic policies.

Western Media continue to falsely portrayed the current political crisis as a pro-west versus pro-Russian stereotype conflict. It is not. It is a grab for power and continuation of ongoing conflict between the Office of the President and the democratically elected Parliament. Best independent TV English news coverage is from Russia Today.

Most people I speak to do not support fresh elections or the Presidential decree, Citing that

  • Little will change
  • The cost of the election, estimated at being 150 million dollars, would be better spent elsewhere and that
  • What Ukraine needs more then anything is political stability and continued economic growth.

The Government Coalition has setup a protest camp in front of the Parliament to protect it from any military presidential intervention.

Discussions continue... do not expect any change soon least not until the Constitutional Court rules on the legality of the President's decree.