Thursday, April 05, 2007

War of words continues as Ukraine braces for the after Easter clash

Day Three: All the action still is centered around Kyiv with no campaigning or protest outside Ukraine's Capital.

The President is insisting on everyone obeying his Presidential decree even going so far as threatening those that resist with court action.

The Government has lodge their appeal against the President's decree with the Constitutional Court. The Court has indicated that it will respond to the appeal in two weeks time. Public confidence in the Constitutional Court is at at all time low with suggestions that the Court is dysfunctional and paralysis by political conflict with judges splitting along the lines of political appointment.

The President claims that he has acted within the terms of Ukraine's Constitution (Article 90) but has failed to outline exactly where the constitution gives him that authority.

Offers to resolve the current crisis through political negotiations have failed with the President rejecting any review, even by the courts, of his decision.

Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko, has excluded Ukraine's Parliamentary Speaker and second in command, Olexander Moroz from participating in National Security Council negotiations.

Rumors are abound that the President is planning to declare a State of Emergency and will impose military rule over the government after Easter.

Ukraine's economy is beginning to come under threat. Analyst's commenting that whilst they would prefer political stability, conflict between the Office of the President and the Parliament has already been taken into consideration. At risk is Ukraine's estimated 7-9% annual growth.

All this could change at a moments notice. Even more so if the President declares Martial Law.

Meanwhile the war of propaganda continues with each side accusing the other of committing the same offences.

Following the Easter Weekend we can expect that things will take more momentum ad Ukraine waits for the Constitutional Court to rule and the President's next move as he continues to assert power and authority over the elected Parliament.

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's Opposition leader, has been uncharacteristicly silent.

Also next week we can expect various Public opinion polls released as the campaign for media attention and spin begins to gear up and comes into play.