Friday, November 06, 2009

Last Chance: Nominations close today

If you have a lazy US$300,000 (2.5 million hrivina) kicking around and you are Ukrainian, over 35 and have lived in Ukraine for the past 10 years, today is the last day in which you can nominate for the parade of parades "Head Clown of Ukraine" auditions.  Your chance to make a name for yourself.

As of the close of business today no more names can be added to the list. The Central Election Committee has until November 11 (Remembrance day for the west) to finalize nominations.

Audition primaries will be held on January 17 and the top two clowns will progress to the finals.


Nominations for audition closed on November 6 and the Central Election Commission has until November 11 to finalize the audition list. The following Candidates have submitted nominations