Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rejected: 15 Presidential hopefuls denied right to national performance

In an election that is beginning to look more and more like a parade of clowns

15 would be hopefuls seeking to strut the national stage have been rejected for the January 17 audition ballot.

The list includes: Oleksandr Hordiichuk, Olena Osnach, Oleksandr Luzan, Hanna Kostiv, Oleksandr Vaschenko, Oleksandr Ohorodnikov, Vasyl Handula, Yurii Petlevana, Petro Rekalo, Anatolii Polischuk, Mykhailo Hamaniuk, Oleksandr Vretyk, Artem Polezhaka, Oleh Omelchenko, and Serhii Martyian

The reasons stated for their rejection range from non-entitlement (too young), poor documentation or failure to pay the 2.5 million hryvina deposit. No mention of the quality of their act.

The nomination list is looking funnier by the day. One would be star has adopted a stage name of Vasily Protyvsih which in Ukrainian means "against-all". Exactly who is paying his bills and audition fees is yet to be determined.

Only the two highest polling clowns who progress to the second round performance, following the January 17 ballot, will have their audition deposit refunded.

Overall the Ukraine is expected to gain a win fall of over 40 million hryvina in lost deposits.

Candidates have until December 21 to pull out of the competition (and hopefully get their deposit refunded).