Friday, November 06, 2009

Yushchenko proposes to extend his term of office until May

Amidst the current wave of hysteria over the Flue pandemic Viktor Yushchenko in a desperate move has proposed that the Presidential elections be postponed until May

The decision to be made by Yushchenko and his appointed National Security and Defense Council. (NSDC)

This raises a number of issue not the least that Yushchenko is not in a position to determine how or when the election is held.  He could in theory declare a state of emergency in which case the election would be postponed.

Yushchenko's suggestion of prolonging his term of office has a number of serious flaws, not the least being that his 5-year term of office expires in January 23.

Further more the World Health Organisation has stated that there will be a second and possibly third way of the flue infections in Spring. (April to June).  WHO has given the Ukrainian Government a bill of health over its handling of the current flue crisis.

If the situation get to the point that the election MUST be canceled then Ukraine should/could fall back on the proposal of electing their Head of State by a constitutional majority of the parliament as is the case in Moldova, Greece and the EU.

Given Yushchenko's low populatity it is clear that he would not be re-elected to a second term of office in January.  He should not be making the decisions. 

The other option when Yushchenko's term expires is to appoint the speaker, V.Lytvn, as care taker President.