Friday, November 13, 2009

Who is who in the Circus of clowns: Victor Yushchenko

Kyiv Post profile of performers

Propelled to Ukraine’s presidency by the Orange Revolution, Victor Yushchenko, 55, headed the central bank through much of the 1990s. He is Ukraine's third president and has staked out firmly pro-Western stances. He served as prime minister in 1999-2001. After being ousted, he formed his Our Ukraine political grouping, which mustered strong support in a 2002 parliament election. As prime minister in 1999-2001, his Cabinet was touted as Ukraine’s first reform-minded government. But his presidency has been marred by relentless bickering with opponents and Russia which have sidelined reforms. He lead his Our Ukraine political grouping in parliament and also served as prime minister under ex-President Leonid Kuchma. The Sumy Oblast native has been married twice. He has five children and two grandchildren.

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UkrToday said...

Viktor Yushchenko is the biggest loser in this election. In theory all seventeen other candidates including four members of his own party Our Ukraine, are running against him.

Yushchenko's loss of support could not be more dramatic. In 2005 he enjoyed 52% and was even nominated for a Noble Prize. Today his support is less than 3.5% and he is expected to finish in sixth or seventh position.

Yushchenko has betrayed all those around him including Yulia Tymoshenko and the Socialist Party of Ukraine who had actively supported his election in 2004

In 2006 Yushchenko refused to support the formation of an "Orange Governing coalition" instead his party Our Ukraine actively tried to negotiate a coalition with the opposition Party of Regions.

When he could not oust Yulia Tymoshenko from the prime minster role they went after Olexandr Moroz and denied the Soloist Party the right to be appointed Parliamentary speaker. This was the beginning of the end of the revolution. Yushchenko's political fortunes have declined ever since

His international standing has also evaporated with US President Barack Obama refusing to meet with him during his visit to the USA in September this year.

Russia's President had singled out Yushchenko as the main cause for deteriorating relations between Russia and Ukraine.

In 2008 Yushchenko tried to embroil Ukraine is a regional war between Russia and Georgia by taking sides with Georgia without first considering the cause and who was at fault. Ukraine and the regions was saved by the actions of Yulia Tymoshenko who refused to support Yushchenko's ill-considered position.

Yushchenko retaliated by seeking to undermine the Tymoshenko's government and in September following the five day war he tried, unsuccessfully, to dismiss Ukraine's parliament in a failed attempt to unseat Yulia Tymoshenko.

Yushchenko's term of office has destabilized Ukraine and undermined it's economic and democratic development.

Yushchenko had time and time again demonstrated that he was not suited to be Ukraine's head of state.

Instead of uniting Ukraine Yushchenko divided Ukraine.

Yushchenko's dismissal of the previous parliament undermined confidence in the political process and his interference in the independence of Ukraine Constitutional Court illegal.

Yushchenko's actions in 2007 caused seven months of political and civil unrest and unto untold economic loss. Yushchenko should have impeached and face re-election as a result but he refused to be held accountable or face the people.

In 2008 when he then turned on the Tymoshenko government Yushchenko lost all respect and support. His own party turned against him and he is now forced to run as an independent.

The only certainly in this campaign that sixteen candidates will lose in the first round of voting and that Yushchenko will be one of.

In a reverse poll 83% of Ukrainians have indicated they will not vote for Yushchenko at the next election

With Yushchenko out of the way Ukraine has an opportunity to move forward and become a true democratic state.

History will not look on Yushchenko's presidency favorably his decision to re-contest the election adding to his own demise and that of the party that he formed.