Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yushchenko to abandon ship having sailed Arc Orange on to the rocks

Ukraine's embattled and disgraced President, Viktor Yushchenko, having caused the collapse of the orange revolution, and betrayed all those who supported his election, has stated for the first time that he will bow out of politics following the next presidential election.

Yushchenko's support rating is less then 4 percent and he is set to lose office in the first round of the election.

Many commentators believe he should have bowed out long ago and should not have re-nominated. By standing for a second term he is denying opportunity for those who support his candidacy to transfer their support to another candidate.  Those who will vote for Yushchenko in January will be throwing their vote away, they would be better off staying at home and not voting at all or voting "against all".

In 2005 Yushchenko enjoyed the support of 52% of Ukraine and was even nominated for a Nobel prize.  His fall from grace could not be more dramatic. Where once he was the toast of the "free world" today the US President, Barack Obama, would not even meet with him during his visit to the United States.  The president of Russia has singled him out as the main cause for division and dissension in the region and the deteriorating relations between Russia and Ukraine. Four members of his own political party are running against him.

In losing the election Yushchenko will not only bring himself into disrepute but also the office of President.

History will record him as a failed president who betrayed Ukraine and democracy itself.  His term of office has been a complete disaster. What positives that may have existed have been overshadowed by his betrayal and deceit. Instead of supporting democracy Yushchenko sought to destroy it.  He betrayed his oath and all those around him by denying Ukraine the right to democratic governance.