Monday, February 08, 2010

Back to the future: Yesterdays villain becomes today's hero

Victor Yanukovych, contender in the 2004 Presidential  election and former Prime-minister of Ukraine 2006-2007 has become President elect  winning over 48% of the national vote three percent more then his rival the hero of the Orange revolution Yulia Tymoshenko.

If there is a villain in this election it was out-going disgraced president Viktor Yushchenko.  Yushchenko received only 5.45% of the vote in the first round of the presidential elections.  He is widely seen as a failed president who divided Ukraine and did not live up to expectations.  Yushchenko demonstrated the futility of the presidential system. His term of office will be remembered as a complete failure.

If Tymoshenko has anyone to blame for her loss it is Yushchenko.  His inability to accept the will of the people and the majority opinion of his own political alliance was his downfall.  He espoused the words of democracy yet his policies and actions where far from democratic.  Yushchenko had advocated an Against all option and 2% more voters then the first round did just that.  Yushchenko destroyed any sense of unity and set the clock back 5 years or more.

Viktor Yanukovych who claimed he had originally won the Presidential election in 2004 received the same level of vote that he had recorded in the ill-fated 2004 second round giving credence to the belief that the 2004 ballot was not as flawed as some made out.

The parade may be over but the entertainment and celebrations has just began.

Losing the battle but not yet the war.

Tymoshenko is expect to concede defeat.  Yanukovych may have won this round but Tymoshenko did well to receive the vote she did.  She can hold her head up high and continue to maintain a presence in Ukraine's political scene for some time to come.