Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party of Regions and Our Ukraine in Coalition Talks: Agreement on the table

If anyone had any doubts about a deal cut between Yanukovych and Yushchenko should take note.

Lexisnexis has reported that a coalition agreement has been drawn up between Party of Regions and Our Ukraine - details of the terms of the agreement have not been made public.

"The opposition Party of Regions, whose leader Viktor Yanukovych won Ukrainian presidential elections, and the Our Ukraine - People's Self Defence pro-government bloc drafted a coalition agreement, the Zerkalo Nedeli (Weekly Mirror) writes on Saturday.

The draft document was submitted to parliament speaker Vladimir Litvin and faction members. First vice speaker Alexander Lavrinovich represents the Party of Regions in talks."

Lytvyn has issued a press release that a statement on the governing coalition will be made on March 2.

Under the terms of Ukraine's constitution a governing coalition must comprise factions (not individuals)  who represent a majority of the parliament. (Article 83 of Ukraine's Constitution) A coalition of factions representing a majority of the parliament can only be formed with the consent of either Bloc Tymoshenko and or Our Ukraine-People's Self Defense party.  With Yushchenko removed from Office Our Ukraine has a real incentive to try and retain their jobs and any influence in Ukraine's Government.  There has been an ongoing power struggle within Yushchenko's faction to support a coalition with Party of Regions.

Could it be that they have won agreement and if so would it seriously split the faction? In which case Yanukovych will not be much better off then Yushchenko was with Tymoshenko in charge.

A new government or a spill and a new election ?

Any agreement that involves Our Ukraine and or supports Yushchenko in anyway will, without doubt, be detrimental to Ukraine's best interest.  We will have to wait until Match 2 to find out what has actually transpired.