Monday, February 08, 2010

Limited mandate: Time for reflection and cooperation not confrontation

Victor Yanukoych's slender majority is not an absolute mandate he failed to break over the 50% threshold.   Tymoshenko's'  support is never the less impressive and indicates the extent that Ukraine is divided.

Yanukovych must acknowledge the support given to Tymoshenko's candidacy and reconsider his policy of confrontation and the proposed dismissal of Ukraine's parliament.  He must make every effort to find common ground and to once again join Tymoshenko at the negotiating table and seek a strategic alliance that is in Ukraine's best interest.

Yanukovych has a limited mandate only.   He can only claim the right to represent 33% of Ukraine (48% of 69%).

In making a conciliatory jester Tymoshenko must also concede the election which all the exit polls had  confirmed Yanukovych's slender win.

With Yushchenko removed from office there is hope.  Hope that Ukraine can find a way forward without another round of elections and ongoing political confrontation.