Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tymoshenko cries wolf over election law amendments

Tymoshenko runs the risk of embarrassing herself on the world stage, giving her opponent, Yanukovych, a free kick at an open goal

The Ukrainian parliament has amended the law of the Presidential elections by reducing the quorum for meeting of the Electoral Commissions regional broads from two-thirds to fifty percent.  The amendments were designed to limit concern that the various candidates would seek to delay and disrupt the consist of the election by breaking quorum. 

Tymoshenko was quick to falsely claim that the amendments would undermine the validity of the election.  They do not.  In fact the amendments that were approved  place a greater expectation on the candidates and political parties to fulfill their obligations by participating  in the deliberations of the electoral commission.

The amendments are not unreasonable and are in line with western democracies standards and expectations. 

Tymoshenko runs the serious risk of not being taken seriously by her constant objections and unsubstantiated claims of falsification.