Monday, February 22, 2010

Yushchenko offers trade: Language and bases for coalition of Unity

A sign of things to come

Victor Yushchenko offers compromise to support a new governing coalition, if  Party of Regions gives up Language and the Russian Black Fleet .

Our Ukraine but not Peoples' Self Defense would join Party of Regions in a coalition without the Communist Party.

ITARTASS reports:

"Viktor Yushchenko, the outgoing Ukrainian president, promises always to be a partner for the new president." - interview with the Kiev-based Inter TV Channel on Sunday.

This coming from a party that rejected and refused a compromise to allow the Socialist Party's Olexandr Moroz to hold the Speakers position back in 2006.  A decision that signaled the end of the Orange revolution.

Yushchenko goes on reported as saying "Ukraine needs political stability, the pragmatic creation of a parliamentary majority and the formation of a government as soon as possible." ... "I have three things to advise you: unity, unity and again unity, both in politics and the nation."

A bit much for a President who constantly undermined the Orange revolution and the stability of the governing coalition. A president who was not known for his compromises when it came to the need for stability.
It still is unclear if Our Ukraine can peel off and go it alone as a separate faction. Our Ukraine was not elected to the parliament as a stand alone organization and as such a coalition that includes Our Ukraine alone does not conform to the imperative mandate provisions of Article 83 of Ukraine's constitution.

Meanwhile, whilst Yushchenko was quick to travel off around the world in a victory tour and leave behind the politics of Ukraine struggling to chart a path and new direction., Victor Yanukovych has been quick to avoid Yushchenkno's mistakes by being not seen as a spendthrift president.  His inauguration will be rather low key event without major ceremony or pompousness.