Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Circus Parade Finale - Revolution II the other side - Ukraine's Blue Movie

It may be frustrating and at times boring but the Ukrainian 2010 Presidential parade never ceases to amaze. Ever since 2004 when Viktor Yushchenko was crowned head clown in a blaze of orange the world has look on and watched a state it its making.  More exciting the formation of galaxies or the explosion of a quasar star and the birth of a black hole.  Viktor Yushchenko who once held the support of 52% of the nation lost in the first round elimination parade and only managed to secure 5.45% support. A team of would be spoiler candidates stood against him making sure he would not be a final contender.

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's Prime Minister and version of Evita "Don't die for me Ukrainiana"  versus Viktor Yanukovych,  back to the future "return of the dark horse villain".

Most Cossackwood watchers and critics  have already awarded the event to the "Dark horse" who has odds less then  three to one.  Even the attention seeking antics of Ukraine's own  version of Evita have not managed to sway the critics to support her plea for recognition.

By this time tomorrow (8:00PM) we will know who has won. Will there be a sequel to the Orange revolution II with its theme song Dances with Wolves or will it be Road kill and squashed orange juice at the dinner on the maidan with Cossack dances jumping for joy at the rebirth of Yul Brynner's career - Ukraine's version of the President and I mixed with  a touch of "Taras Bulba"

Already the supporters of the main performers are staking strategic positions to underpin their Viktory or protests along the cat walk.  The attack of the blue berries will not be outdone by the rotten oranges as the fruit cocktail recipes are brought to market.

The only winner in this parade of circus clown is the media who have never been denied an angle or a story to write about. The beginning of the end, the start of World War III, Armageddon and Babylon all rolled into one.

Sit back relax and watch the events unfold as the sporting night of the black sky dawns. We will be bringing you the all-Ukrainian judges judgement day,  virtual reality live results as they are unfolded and are published, translated and republished on our updated electronic tally board "voters map"

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Anonymous said...

Do you think that Ukraine will have the Orange Revolution II?

UkrToday said...


Ukraine is suffering a major loss of confidence.

Evolution not revolution is what is required.

What it needs is serious commitment to constitutional reform. Rebuild the system from the ground up starting with the Constitution.

Ukraine should abolish the presidential system and adopt a parliamentary model along the lines of Estonia and Latvia. Then and only then will Ukraine learn to take collective responsibility for its own government.

It obvious to all that the presidential system has failed Ukraine. The solution is not to go backwards and reinstate a soviet style Presidential autocracy but to reform and develop Ukraine's parliament ensuring that it is accountable and representative.

Both Tymoshenko and Yanukovych tried in 2008/09 but failed to reach common groups. With Yushchenko out of the way they should try again. Hopefully in a more open and transparent process.

The Orange revolution was not a revolution. It was a planned orchestrated protest movement that delivered a third run. Fueled by the desire for a honest democratic state but Yushchenko failed to deliver any change. Ukraine could not have chosen a worst candidate. Moroz would have been 1000 times better.

In the meantime Ukraine will just have to endure the clowns that are on offer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reply.
I kind of agree with you about revolution-evolution thing. I just disagree with your strong belief that de jure change can lead to de facto change. Ukraine's recent experience shows that a self-governance based on a de facto system of private property rights leads to a sustainable economic development even in the times of de jure statelessness and lawlessness.