Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Election is over: Tymoshenko admits defeat

Ukraine's incumbent Prime-minister and candidate for the president Yulia Tymoshenko has admitted defeat and declared the election is over.

Faced with knowing that she has lost the campaign she has embarked on another display of Yuilaism where she has sought to blame things that have nothing to do with her failure to win the election as the reason for her loss.

She failed to win confidence of the Ukrainian people,  her antics today will  only reduce her standing.

The amendments to the law on elections reduced the quota required to hold meetings of the regional election committees.  This is not a big deal and was deemed necessary to prevent misuse and abuse by political factions/candidate representatives walking out knowing that their candidate had lost the election.  A lower quorum does not prevent her or her team from attending meetings or fulfilling their duties.

Tymoshenko is using this latest change as an excuse to justify her loss as she has been making unsupported, false allegations of election fraud throughout the election.  Her allegations of fraud in then first round were unproven and she failed to make headway in the second round.

Even the hired Georgian paramilitary have packed their bags and headed back home, not needed.

With the events of today we will have to review our estimates of a 5% loss and increase Yanukovych margin to 8% to 10%  possible even higher after today.

Tymoshenko best bet would have been to campaign for Constitutional change and the removal of power from the president.  In hindsight she should have nominated Hryhoriy Nemyria as BYatT's candidate and Yulia remained as Prime minister.

The extent of her expected loss will make it that much harder for her to say on as Prime Minister. She may have lost much more then the election, an election that should not have been.