Sunday, January 03, 2010

14 days count down to find Yushchenkos's replacement

In two weeks Ukraine will go to the polls to elect a new head of state.

The decision who is best to lead Ukraine will be made not in the first round but in the second round contest.

17 candidates, four from the president's own party "Our Ukraine", are challenging Viktor Yushchenko. It will be a vote and a test of mandate reflecting on the last five years of Yushchenko's presidency.

The first round of voting is not about deciding who is the better candidate or who has the best policies and support to lead Ukraine. The first round of voting is a vote of confidence on incumbency, a vote for or against Viktor Yushchenko.

On January 17 Ukraine will pass judgment on Yushchenko's term of office. They will reflect on his performance and the ongoing instability, political crisis and divisions that he has caused. They will reflect on the events of 2007 and 2008 when Yushchenko tried to undermined successive governments and his attempts to usurp power and authority where he had none. They will reflect on the never ending political crisis that has engulfed Ukraine over the last five years and Yushchenko's betrayal of his oath and undertakings given to Ukraine and those who supported his election in 2004.

When voting on Sunday January 17, Ukraine will send a clear message that they do not want Yushchenko to remain in office.

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