Monday, January 18, 2010

Circus of bad performing clowns

The biggest loser was of course Yushchenko who only managed to secure 4.87%.

Preliminary analysis of the polling results indicates that Yanukovych is in a strong position to win the second round ballot.

Tigipko's Thirteen percent was mainly concentrated in the South Eastern sectors.(with over 82% of the protocols counted Tigipko secured 1.86 percent of the overall vote from Dnipropetrovsk,  Kyiv Metro - 1.1%, Kharkiv - 1.08% , Odesa - 0.9% )

Yanukovych also has a stronger then expected showing in some of the Western regions. The cold weather and voter disillusionment had also contributed to a lower then expected turnout

All indications are that Yushchenko and Our Ukraine having lost the election are now embarking on a "trash and burn" Take the ball and run exercise in advocating that voters to vote "against all" in the run-up ballot. Such a proposal would have a serious negative impact and would only secure a win for Yanukovych who is already in poll position.

Our Ukraine's childish "Sour Grapes" politics only serves to undermine Ukraine's democratic development and confirms that the presidential election is nothing but is a circus parade of bad performing clowns.

Ukraine would have been much netter off if it adopted a single round preferential ballot or better still if the President was elected by a constitutional majority of the parliamentary vote.

Progressive Election Results
86.58% Counted 12:20PM

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