Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yushchenko loses office as Ukraine falls in line with expectations

It is over. Ukraine has spoken and in doing so had sounded a strong rejection to President Victor Yushchenko's polices of divisions and destabilization, ending his five years of terror and betrayal of democratic values.

It cost over one billion dollars and still is not yet over, but the first round of voting in the Presidential election has delivered Ukraine a massive victory and a sound defeat for Yushchenko.

The results of the exit polls reflect early predictions and the 2007 Parliamentary results.

Victor Yanukovych leads the race with 34.7-37.7% of the vote followed by Yulia Tymoshenko with 24.8-26.1%

In what was seen as a referendum on Victor Yushchenko's term of office Yushchenko has only managed to return 5.1-5.8%.

The first round was not even close. Our Ukraine failed to win support, Yushchenko was never in a position to come close to out polling Yulia Tymoshenko. Combined Our Ukraine only just held on to their 12% to 14% they won in the 2006/2007 election.

Whilst it is still too early to make a definite prediction on the likely second round results odds are that Yanukovych will go on to win the Presidency But Tymoshenko has proven that she is capable of giving him a run for his money. The fact that she is in the upper end of expectations down from her 2007 Parliamentary is a encouraging.

The reality is that the direct election of head of state is not worth the cost, time and problems it has caused. Ukraine would have been better off electing its head of state by a constitutional majority of the peoples democratically elected Parliament.

The other change that would have been beneficial is if Ukraine had adopted a single round preferential voting system the whole election would be over and Ukraine would know the outcome by now.

Still its time to celebrate Yushchenko's term of office and reign of terror, division and destabilization has come to an end. This is a great victory for Ukraine and democracy itself even at a cost one billion dollars.