Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Yushchenko's pipe dream discussions

Embattled President Viktor Yushchenko is desperate to boost his fledgling support.

With less than 12 days remaining until the first round ballot Yushchenko is trying to force Anatoly Hrytsenko, Oleh Tyahnybok and Arseny Yatseniuk to pull out of the race and support a single "Our Ukraine" candidate.

Yushchenko released a media statement   last week stating that he is engaged in discussions with other members of "Our Ukraine" to have them pull out of the race in and to support a single "Our Ukraine" candidate, himself naturally.

The problem for Yushchenko is that they do not want to pull out and deny they are in discussions with Yushchenko  as he claimed.  They have paid their deposit and stood against Yushchenko, why should they pull out?

All 17 candidates have stood against him not to support him.

Yushchenko has a negativity rating of 83%, the highest negativity then any other candidate. Yushchenko is unelectable. Anatoly Hrytsenko, Oleh Tyahnybok and/or Arseny Yatseniuk would have a bter chance of winning the Yushchenko. If anyone should pull out it is Yushchenko.  Combined that have just under 12% which still is not enough to win the first round of voting.

If Ukraine had adopted a preferential voting system then the situation would have been different. The voters would have had an opportunity to decide who they want as head of state and Yushchenko would not have to go begging others to withdraw.