Friday, March 31, 2006

The 3% threshold

analysis of the published votes indicates that Ukraine includes informal votes in calculating the 3% threshold

Analysis of the final vote indicates that Ukraine includes the number of informal ballots when calculating the 3% threshold requirement. If you consider only formal votes then then percentage allocated to parties/blocks goes up and a new player would enter into the parliamentary arena. Natalia Vitrenko having just fallen should of the 3% quota should challenge the results and call fro a recount. In the interest of fair play and correctness Ukraine a request for a recount should be granted.

In the first interest all votes cast for Natalia Vitrenko should be re-examined along with the informal vote and those allocated to parties above and below her position on the ballot paper to determine if there was any mistake in the allocation of votes. If errors are found then this may indicate if their is a need for a more though examination of other ballots.