Monday, March 20, 2006

Editors Choice

Non-Major Party vote for ...

Throughout the election campaign I have tried to maintain an open mind. I have spoken to many people from all sides and attended most if not all public rallies in the city centre, visiting a number of smaller cities.

Ukraine appears divide as it was in December 2004. The economy is worst and inflation and increase in the cost of living well into the double digits. The sacking of Yulia Tymoshenko seriously undermined public confidence in the election process. Reports of the President's son living the luxury life, driving expensive cars and having an expensive telephone have further undermined public confidence in the Yuschenko Presidency.

All being equal if you can not find yourself supporting or voting for one of the three major parties (Party of Regions, Yulia Tymoshenko Block or Our Ukraine) then you should consider voting for 'Party Viche'.

This party is worthy of consideration.

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Fredrik Lindqvist said...

What does the party stand for regarding for example the economy, (marketfriendly, planned or mixed economy), foreign policy (pro Russia or the West and NATO), corruption, priminier etc?