Sunday, March 26, 2006

Election Day: Exit Poll

Early exit polls show Party of Regions ahead. Our Ukraine at 14.5% behind You on 22%

Early exit polls put Party of Regions on 34% of the vote with Yulia Tymoshenko second at 21%. Viktor Yushchenko's party has come in a poor third with only 14.5% of the vote.

The exit poll indicate that five other parties will clear the minimum three percent barrier they are Socialist Party, allied with the president, with 5.5 percent, the Communists with 4.7 percent, the Lytvyn bloc with 5.1 percent and the Vitrenko bloc with 3.2 percent.

The result shows that Lytvyn People's Bloc (LPB) will decide the outcome of any coalition assuming that Our Ukraine or Yulia Tymoshenko do not do a deal with Party of Regions.

Without Lytvyn Party of Regions versus "The Orange coalition" can not obtain a majority of members of the Parliament to form a Government.

The Parliament must meet within two weeks of the official declaration of the poll to determine who will govern Ukraine.

If a majority coalition can not be formed within one month of the Parliament meeting the President, Viktor Yushchenko can dissolve the parliament and call for fresh elections.

Although Party of regions polled well in the election coming first they do not represent a majority of voters 50% + 1)