Monday, March 27, 2006

Post Election: Counting continues

Yushchenko looks Ukraine's future in the eye

Counting of the vote continues with the progressive tally of votes differing from results of election night exit polls.

Exit Polls put Party of Regions candidate Viktor Yanakovich somewhere between 28 to 33 percent. Yulia Tymoshenko at 23 percent and Viktor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine party around 14 to 16 %.

If the final count of the polls do not favour Party of Regions it is possible that a "Orange Coalition" could form government but at what cost.

Viktor Yushchenko has decided to bid his time before committing Our Ukraine to a coalition with Yulia Tymoshenko. This could be a game play with the President not prepared to show his hand until all bets are on the table.

At risk is who will be Prime-minister and the future economic development of Ukraine. Viktor Yushchenko who's party polled half that of his previous opposition candidate, Viktor Yanakovic has received a serious blow to his Presidency with voters expressing a vote of no confidence in the Presidents party less then 17 months following the President's controversial election.

Many voters feel disillusioned by the actions of the President who has overseen a halt in economic growth, an increase in inflation and signed off on legislation to give immunity to Political representatives.

A coalition between Yulia Tymoschenko, the Socialist Party and Our Ukraine would not be a stong alliance and expectations are that Ukraine would slide further away from political stability.

If the President does not get his way we may consider bowing to the business community who want to see a strong government and an alliance between Our Ukraine and Party of Regions.

There are serious obstacles with such a union of convenience not least being that both groups were at opposite ends of the fight for the President in 2004.

What ever the outcome the President's future is not as sweet as first thought back in 2004 when he won a third round ballot.